Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana…..each with their own styles, yet dominant themes reoccur.  Playful prints, deep murky colors and traditionally autumnal hues to blazing yellow, bright orange and fuchsia, all soothed with basic blac Sex still sells with styles designed to tempt a women and cause an eye to linger.


Prada graced the catwalks with dresses that evoke a 1940’s style with below the knee lengths, pencil skirts and off kilter tops in shades of mocha and taupe. Armani featured loose-fitted trousers with triple pleats and artfully tailored jackets.  Multi-tiered skirts with long pinstriped jackets.   Femininity mixed with classic looks Dolce & Gabbana’s line is a bit sexier with plunging necklines and fashions that hug the body. Cinched backs and intricate ruching grace evening wear….the intrigue is definitely in the back.


The functionality of foundations is definitely in tune with the trends of today.  Plunging neckline?  U Plunge Bra gives great support with even the deepest plunge and is also lower in the back for versatility.  NuBra silicone and self adhesive bras provide coverage and support for backless, strapless fashions as well as plunging necklines.  Slimming shapewear by Spanx and Body Wrap provide the smoothness for clingy fabrics, as well as the extra “support & suck-in” for long, straight tailored fashions.  Spanx also has footless bodyshaping tights to wear for fashion showing below skirts, with socks and boots or as a slimming pant liner.


Fashion outerware themes prevail in lingerie styles as well. The high-waisted empire style returns with a romantic vengeance. From demure to sophisticated….it’s a style that especially flatters full figures.  1950’s style bras which are well structured with detailed construction to be worn under transparent and draped pieces are reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.  The sex appeal of the 50’s divas return!


Polka dots show their revamped style borrowing from the transparency of corsetry and contrast details.  Rhinestones, sequins and pearls are all added for a dazzling look.  Japanese style prints with their geisha origins and African chic’s timeless animal prints influence lingerie collections.  Zebra and leopard adorn chemises, robes and panties.  And speaking of panties…..they’re loose or tight fitting, mesh or lace, knitwear or tulle, solid colored or printed, low waisted or ruffled…..all designed to compliment the styles of today.


Outerware, underwear – it’s all fashion….but we know it’s really all about what you’re wearing under…!!