A good bra is a woman’s hardest working piece of clothing. Most women wear a bra every waking moment of everyday! Why wouldn’t you spend the time and money to make it a good one?

  • A lot of women wear a lot of bad, cheap, worn-out, ill-fitting bras because they just don’t know any better.  But a high-quality bra in the correct size can help protect sensitive breast tissue from the unmistakable effects of time and gravity.
  • Seamed bras provide the most shape by distributing the weight of the breast through two or three seams, but a quality smooth cup with supportive (non-elastic) fabric can also give lift and control.
  • It is important not to over compress the breast tissue or force it into a bad fit because this will constrict blood flow and cause the tissue to loose density and firmness further adding to time and gravity.