a la mode Fine Lingerie is pleased to offer the New Full Coverage Front Close Bra-llelujah. Our certified bra fitters and team of lingerie experts have all compared the features and advantages of both SPANX Bra-llelujah Bras to help you find the perfect fit! Read on to see how Sara Blakely’s newest Bra-llelujah style, the Full-Coverage Front Close Bra (as seen on 20/20) compares to the much loved, Original Bra-llelujah.

If you haven’t heard of SPANX, get out from under that rock and listen up! Sara Blakely, inventor of SPANX, has built a shapewear empire from a single pair of footless pantyhose to a whole collection of control top hosiery and figure-altering slips, camis, smoothers and shapers. a la mode Fine Lingerie started carrying SPANX products in 2005 and we’ve been very pleased, from the original footless pantyhose to their new-and-improved body shapers. Competitors are scrambling to capture the attention of loyal SPANX followers with clever knock-offs flooding the market, but nothing can compare to the quality and durability of true SPANX. Not one to rest on their laurels, SPANX continues to lead the lingerie market with endless innovation, creating practical solutions to everyday problems.

SPANX uses very high quality knitting processes to make unique hosiery with stretch and support like no other. Blakely realized the value of her fabric and applied her knowledge to the first ever “All Hosiery” bra; The Original Bra-llelujah. The Original Bra-llelujah features a soft and flexible, wire-free design with varying textures of hosiery for added support in the cups and comfort in the straps.

The Original Bra-llelujah is sized to accommodate two different cup sizes per bra. (So a person who is a 34C wears the same Original Bra-llelujah as a 34D). This is an advantage if you are between cup sizes or if your cup size tends to fluctuate (a nice feature for pregnant women not quite ready for nursing bras or just during certain times of the month). This can be a disadvantage if your breasts need a lot of support or if you want a push-up effect. The Original Bra-llelujah offers a very natural breast shape with gentle support for maximum comfort.

The Original Bra-llelujah has no hooks or clasps. This is an advantage for physical comfort and ease of movement. You can even sleep in this bra (again a great feature for pregnant women or anyone who likes an afternoon nap!). But the lack of hooks means the bra must be put on either over the head or stepped into (which is the recommended method). This can be difficult for some people and requires the flexibility and dexterity to maneuver the bra to exactly the right place. On the other hand many women find this easier than trying to hook something behind your back or struggling to hook a bra in the front and spin it around back.

The Original Bra-llelujah has a soft knit band that adjusts to your shape. The back of the bra is designed to reduce those “unsightly bulges” along the bra line and leave a smooth finish. The soft, wide shoulder straps “self-adjust” to hold securely but not dig in. The Original Bra-llelujah is a very practical item but also has a lot of coverage and the wide straps might not work with every type of shirt or neckline.

The Original Bra-llelujah is light and comfortable; “so comfy, you’ll forget you have it on!” The hosiery fabric allows the skin to breathe but the thin material may also reveal sudden changes in temperature which can be corrected with Bra Discs or Nipple Concealers if needed.

The Original Bra-llelujah has been so well received by so many women that SPANX has continued its pursuit to improve by offering a second style of bra, this time with underwire; the New Full Coverage Front Close Bra-llelujah.

The New Full Coverage Front Close Bra-llelujah still has the incredible bulge-minimizing back and the self-adjusting straps. But it will feature single sized cups for a more exact fit. This allows the underwire to be perfectly matched to the cup size but also limits the number of sizes available (currently from 32-34A and 32-38 B-D perhaps more sizes are to come soon).

The New Full Coverage Front Close Bra-llelujah features something they call “Fortitube”; a special channel that protects the underwire from escaping! This unique feature should guarantee that your wire stays in your bra (with proper wear and care) though we haven’t had enough time to really test this out.

The New Full Coverage Front Close Bra-llelujah features no hooks in the back but a small clasp in the front, making this style very easy to put on and take off. You still get the soft, smooth no metal back with the ability to clasp it in the front.

TheNew Full Coverage Front Close Bra-llelujah has lightly-molded, underwire cups that give extra support and nipple coverage. The cups are less flexible than the Original but offer more lift and shape ideal for T-shirts and close knits. The edge of the cups contour along the natural bust line leaving a smooth neckline that should work with a wider variety of tops.

Both SPANX Bra-llelujahs give a great amount of comfort and convenience; perfect for everyday wear. But you’ll find each SPANX bra is suited to specific needs and you may want one of each for different outfits, moments or moods!