Are You Ready For A Bra That Fits?

The truth hurts.  But so does a bra that doesn’t fit.

Can you accept yourself as you are?

Don’t by bras for the body you want or the weight you plan to lose.  Be ready to take an honest assessment of your body as it is. Don’t blame your body for a bad bra. Keep in mind that when you lose or gain weight, as little as 5lbs, it may change your band or your cup size in unexpected ways.

Be Prepared to Be Surprised

Most women think they know their bra size, yet bra fitters still report that 80-90% of American women are wrong!!!! Most department stores and mall-based “specialty” stores only carry a small fraction of the possible bra sizes. If you haven’t tried a cup too big or a band too small how can you be sure?

Take Notes!

Think about how you approach your wardrobe starting with your underwear drawer; do you just grab the same bra over and over; if so why?  In your whole closet think about what colors, fabrics and necklines you wear most? Keep up the detective work in the fitting room, learning to recognize and articulate the feeling of good fit.

Leave the Stereotypes at Home

American Media presents a very distorted image of the female body and most women associate DD cups with Cartoonish Proportions and wolf whistles. In truth DD cups are only 5” of difference between band measurement and bust measurement.  DD is on the average or even low end of the bra size range, which runs from AA-JJ.

Fear Not

We often overlook the emotional significance of bra fit; how we feel about our breasts and our bodies are uniquely connected to our experiences in the past and the present.  Don’t let insecurity intimidate you. Think about how you want to feel in your bra and take the time to identify your specific reasons and needs for wearing a bra.

Kiss A Lot of Toads!

You’re probably going to have to try on several bras that don’t quite fit before you get to ones that do. Go with the flow and give every bra a chance because each bra you try on, fit or no fit, provides valuable information about the shape of your body and how it responds to different bras, helping you recognize your own Prince Charming when he finally arrives.