Common Bra Myths Revealed

  • A B cup is always a B cup; a D cup is always a D cup: The cup size is actually proportionate to the band size, when you go down in band size you should increase the cup size and vice versa, so a 38B is the same amount of cup as a 34D.


  • Underwire is always uncomfortable: The underwire is designed to give support but if worn in the wrong place it can be very painful. The answer is not always.


  • Lace is itchy: Many women have been burned by discount fabrics but quality lace should feel soft and comfortable. When it comes to lace you get what you pay for, look for reputable brands and natural fibers with just a little bit of stretch. 


  • They don’t make anything (pretty) in my size: Major Bra Brands like Chantelle and Le Mystere design fashionable bras for a variety of sizes (up to an H cup) and the UK’s Eveden Corporation makes bras up to a JJ cup and bands from 28-56.  Other quality bra makers are following suit, expanding their size ranges every season.