Good Fashion Goes Bad Without Proper Support

How many celebs have been slammed in the tabloids for the slightest bump or bulge? No wonder they rely on slimming foundations like SPANX, BodyWrap, Sassybax and more. Red carpet fashions are not designed with human flaws in mind and if you can afford a 24hr personal trainer sure go ahead.  But for the rest of us there are lots of ways in which the proper foundations can enhance our existing wardrobes and give us more comfort and confidence in our day to day lives.

The proper fitting bra is the cornerstone of a fully functional wardrobe. 

Women’s clothing is designed with an expectation of fullness at a certain point in the bustline, getting your bust in-line with these fashions will give you the best fit possible. 

Don’t let a plunging neckline turn into a sagging neckline. A deep-cut V or cowl neck tops can be tremendously flattering especially for smaller cup sizes but with so much skin revealed the slightest signs of southward motion can become amplified, not to mention the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions.  Both these problems are an easy fix with a specially designed plunge bra or one of the many fashion solutions like an adhesive bra and of course a few well-placed stitches of body tape.

Fashion should be fun and flattering, so don’t let another striking design pass you by!  These are just a few of the many things women have discovered to help them look and feel their best in any outfit.