How To Put On A Bra

For as many times as we have to put on or take off a bra, you’d think we’d know what we are doing. But many women skip over key steps to making their bra wearing experience a comfortable one. So just in case you don’t know or want to brush up on the finer points here is à la mode’s step-by-step guide to putting on a bra.


Prepare the bra. Loosen the shoulder straps, unclasp the back. Inspect the bra for signs of wear and not just the obvious ones like popped out wires and gaping holes; beware of worn out or frayed elastic, loose hook and eyes closures or bent underwire.


Place each arm through the shoulder straps. Lean forward and bring the underwire to the chest and position each cup around each breast, the center bridge should tack firmly against the chest and the underwire should surround the breast tissue not crush it.


Fasten the back with the hook and eye closures. Most bra Choose a snug, but comfortable position.  Make sure the band is anchored securely below the shoulder blades. Try to keep the band level from front to back, all the way around the rib cage. If the band rides up it could be too loose or the elastic could be worn out.


Bring all breast tissue forward into the cup by:

Bending at the waist, lifting and adjusting the underwire, while allowing gravity to pull the soft breast tissue into the cup.


Reaching through each cup with the opposite hand and “scooping” the soft tissue from the underarm area forward and into the cup.




Readjust the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should simply keep the bra cups taught—not bear the full weight of the breasts. Do not over tighten- if the back of the bra begins to ride up or if the straps are causing visible indentation loosen them to a more comfortable level.

And Voila You’re wearing a bra!

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