Lingerie Americas Trade Show

The Fall Collections re-envision the bold colors of Spring as surprisingly functional fall underpinnings. Royal purple will be the belle of the ball this winter. From full majesty in tone-on-tone leavers lace with matching metallic ribbon trims to tiny bursts of vibrant embroidery on subtle palettes of olive green and creamy rose.

As outerwear silhouettes drift away from the body, the Fall Lingerie trends turn their attention to pattern and ornamentation.  Each design house attempts to surpass the others with technical skill and originality; intricate ruching, ruffles, embroidery, eyelets, keyholes and color.  This outpouring of creativity and minute detail speaks to a larger trend of ‘lingerie appreciation’ that is slowly creeping across America (thank you Oprah!). Women want fashionable lingerie that lasts; timeless designs with intimate use of color and print.  The options are widely varied and hugely personal, allowing women to create a unique lingerie wardrobe that captures the complexity of personal fashion sense.

Making a strong arrival in the American market is the ‘romper’ teddy.  The romper teddy combines the basic styling of camisole-and-boyshort separates into a variety of all-in-one looks with more freedom and flexibility. The romper teddy is ideal for comfort and sleep but retains its sensual appeal as it accentuates the figure. The romper teddy is very different from the traditional teddies that emerged in the 1990’s (the high-cut fishnet type that most often get associated with the word ‘teddy’). The romper style harkens back to more classic teddy designs based on “camiknickers,” the original one-piece garments from the 1920’s.  The styles this fall offer loose cut boy bottoms, adjustable waistbands, and an open body that falls away from common problem areas, like stomach and love handles, for a flattering fit that suits a variety of body types.

Classic Sleepwear Returns

à la mode continues it’s search for the perfect pajama and while we have had great success in the past with lounge and sleepwear from Arianne, Wild Bleu and Cool sets, we still long for a elegant, luxurious, timeless natural fiber sleepwear collection. We’ve explored several really great options from Egyptian Cotton Nightshirts to Cashmere-Modal Robes and we’d like to hear from you:  What’s your idea of the perfect pajama?

Sheer Delight

This year’s sheers are decidedly different than what’s been dominating the lingerie market for several years.  While lace, mesh, tulle and net are always lingerie staples; they’re turning up in unexpected places.  The fall is all about detail and sheer details are about what’s not being shown; sheer ruffle edges on full-coverage boyshorts, layered tulle skirting on waistbands for a flirty tutu-effect, solid front panties and hipsters with sheer mesh backs, open lace insets on hips, shoulders, collars and necklines, all sheer chemises with solid lined tops, to completely backless booty-boosting briefs (thank you France). The overall styles are very covered but still very seductive thanks to a balance of sheer accents.

New Neutrals

This season spawned an expanded definition of neutral that comes full-circle for Fall and winter. Black, White and Nude are finding themselves amongst new company; soft, blushing pinks and roses, glimmering grays from icy to smoky to steely, warm taupe and milky chocolate.  Designers are really playing with the new shades and subtle transitions into a wider variety of skin-friendly shades that still hold a bit of color. Expect to see these hints of colors under the layered sheers sweeping the daywear runways.

The Sista Shei Fall/Winter 2008 Collections capture the sophisticated whimsy that all lingerie stems from and aspires to.

It was our pleasure to meet with the creative team behind Sista Shei and discuss the recent collections.  Clearly this designer understands a sense of tradition when it comes to the craft of lingerie design; specialty fabrics for the perfect hand, a generous use of detail but tempered with a strong artistic vision that revives the long absent allure of mystery and wonder; that unique quality that releases the restraints of reality and slips off into idle fantasy.  The Spring Collection was codified by the concept of a traveling circus each piece embedded with the complex, vibrant energy of Lion and Tamer; playing both roles at once. The Fall Collection moves into rich landscape of Gothic Fairytales taking classic tales and turning them into wearable tableaus. Each collection represents its mood and its story clearly but never do the pieces feel contrived, costumed or false.  The quality of the product and clarity of the concept allow the wearer to inhabit a magical place with one foot on the ground.