An Intimate Interview with Rachel of

We asked Rachel author of well-known undewear blog;, to answer just a few of our commonly asked questions about bras and underwear. Rachel gave us some savvy pointers about building a lingerie wardrobe that works and a taste of her intimate knowledge of the changing trends in the intimate industry.


About Rachel and Rachel and her husband are the authors of “The Intimate Guide”, a blog about what to wear under there. They teach others about which undergarments compliment which fashions, and write helpful articles so that readers may learn answers to questions they were too shy to ask. What three items do you think every woman should have in her lingerie wardrobe?


Rachel of Underpants, a bra and pantyhose. Just kidding!


The basic items you need depend a lot on your wardrobe. I have girlfriends who wear a dress about twice a year to a wedding, and I probably wear one 3 days a week.


So I’ll twist your question and say – the 3 bras you should have are:


A t-shirt bra – lined with light foam and no décor to hide invisibly under your tightest tops.


An encapsulating sports bra – that means your breasts are held in separate cups to reduce jiggle while working out. Not the all one piece cotton style sports bra.


A sexy plunge bra to hide under low-cut tops and make you feel luscious when

you are in formal attire. What’s the biggest bra mistake women make?


Rachel of WEARING THE WRONG SIZE! Don’t measure yourself. You should be measured when your arms are down, so someone else needs to measure you. Your bra sizes usually changes whenever your body changes – if you lose weight, gain weight, have a baby, stop nursing – and you should get measured again so you know for sure if it is your band size, cup size or both that have changed.


Bras are not made to last forever. In fact most bra elastic will change shape after 6 months of regular wear. When your bras get stretched out, get a new bra. What is the most innovative lingerie item you’ve come across?

 Arabella Sexy Plunge Bra and Lace Up Luxury Thong

Rachel of The Cuddl Duds Skinsations with Aloe line.  It is constructed of soft microfiber and releases Aloe Vera to help your skin retain moisture. What is your favorite brand and style of everyday undies?


Rachel of I WANT but do not yet OWN the Ed Hardy Geisha Panty! I have some black cotton low rise panties with Tinkerbell on the front from

Walt Disney World that always make me smile. But my favorite pair is seeing my husband in his Ginch Gonch Trunks. What is your favorite brand of fancy panties?


Rachel of Freya’s Arabella Luxury Thong What is your favorite lingerie trend to date?


Rachel of The unbelievabra – a bra and cami in one to control your figure. Emails that remind you to do self breast exams. What is your least favorite lingerie trend to date?


Rachel of Bra extenders. If your bra doesn’t fit in the back, then it probably doesn’t fit all over. Get a new bra in the right size and your whole figure will look better.



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