Buying lingerie for the one you love can be extremely romantic.  Its an intimate gift that, if done right, shows that you pay attention and how well you know her.  In order to make sure you make the right choices, follow this buying guide.  Many men have told me that buying lingerie can be very scary and embarassing.  When I asked why they feel that way, most of the responses I got were, “I feel lost and confused by the sizes and styles.”  This buying guide will take all that fear away. 

Rule #1

Pay attention to the kind of lingerie (bras, panties, sleepwear) she wears.  When she’s not home, go through her lingerie drawer and see what styles she owns.  Are her bras mostly nude and black, lace or no lace?  Does she prefer thongs, boyshorts, or briefs?  What does she usually sleep in or wear around the house at night?  Knowing her style will help you buy a gift you know she’ll feel comfortable in and wear.

Rule #2

Make sure you know her size.  Look in her lingerie drawer and jot down her bra and panty size.  If she’s bought from a la mode then we will most likely have her information in the system.  We also track what she has bought before, that way you do not make the mistake of buying the same thing.  Remember, going home with the correct size is very important in ensuring her happiness with you. 

Rule #3

This gift is for her; not you!  Although you may want to see her in a sheer, lacy teddy, does not mean she  wants to wear it.  Buying her something that she feels good in will show that you care about her and that you put a lot of thought into what would make her feel great.  If you feel secure that your lady is adventurous as you in the bedroom than, by all means, include some fun toys, oils and body paints into the mix.  The website, has a great selection.  The best combo to try, which can add more fun to the gift and in the bedroom, is a sexy, but classy, bra and panty set with a karma sutra massage oil set.  Note: Aubade and Simone Perele are two very high-quality and very sexy lingerie brands.  Go to to view products. 

Quick Reference Points to Ensure She Loves Her Gift

1. Know her size and the styles and colors she wears most

2. Do not buy anything that says “control top,” “Tummy Minimizing,” or any other kind of product that implies she needs to “suck it in.”

3. Be careful buying products that are cleavage enhancing, because some women may get offended.

Follow these rules and your lady is going to want to wear that lingerie as much as you want her to.  Let the ladies of a la mode help you pick out that special gift.  They will make the shopping experience easy and painless.  The boutique also provides complimentary gift wrap and greeting cards.  It’s one step shopping…what could be better!